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Dual Conveyer Belt

Dual 30” conveyors belts are state of the art in the Express Car Wash Industry and offer several benefits to the Customer versus the old style chain and roller conveyors. Dual Belts are designed for more control of the vehicle when the driver is inside. Carrying all four tires affords more control; when the driver activates the brakes or turns the steering wheel, nothing happens, unlike the single wheel roller and chain conveyors. With that said, it is very important to put your car in Neutral when prompted by our Staff member (loader). Also, brakes should not be applied while the vehicle is exiting the conveyor. Being in Neutral and not applying the brakes allows the vehicle to roll off the conveyor gently and smoothly at the end of the wash process.

The Pony Express Difference

The Dual belt conveyor makes your wash safer and more pleasant and keeps your rims 100% safe as there are no rails on a dual belt conveyor. Additionally, operating with a dual belt allows us to load and process cars quicker and there are fewer restrictions on the types of car we can process, for example, chain and roller conveyors are unable to wash lowered cars, trucks with large 4×4 tires, and high vale rims have the potential to get scratched. Pony Express is proud to wash these vehicles safely and without issue.

We are sure once you glide through our wash on our conveyor, you will never want to go back to the rough, herky-jerky old style chain and roller again. This is just one of the many things that set us apart from our competition.