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Great value, guaranteed.


Clean, Dry, and Shiny – with a Friendly Smile!

We, at Pony Express, are family friendly and committed to delivering a fast, reliable, convenient and high-quality carwash at an incredible price point – each and every time you visit us, and always with a friendly smile.



Express Car Wash Service

Quality & Consistency

Our experienced associates use cutting-edge wash equipment and environmentally friendly soaps & waxes to wash your car so that it is clean, dry and shiny every time!



Who wants a great deal? Everyone! Amazing washes start at only $6.00. Plus, we use of our incredibly powerful vacuums – FREE with every wash package.



We know you have a busy schedule. That’s why our two convenient locations will make getting in and out in a clean, dry & shiny car incredibly easy.



The Pony Express Difference

Pony Express Car Wash is the first and only car wash in San Diego County to use an amazing dual belt conveyor technology, which allows us to whisk you and your car safely through our tunnel in approximately five minutes or less. This incredible technology allows us to safely and effectively wash any size car: from a lowered Mustang to a 4×4 truck.


Client Testimonials

  •   When I first saw this place being built down the street from my house, I was extremely excited, because I'm one of those neat freaks who likes to get a car wash whenever it's not raining anymore and I don't mind paying $5-$10 for a car wash each time.

    And I actually did not go here for awhile after they opened because I assumed they had conveyor belts which are not lowered car friendly, until we finally decided to give it a try, and BEHOLD! ITS LOWERED CAR FRIENDLY!!!! YESSSSSS!!!!

    They have options ranging from $5 to $12 being the best service. I decided to give my car the special treatment for $12 with all the extra goodies. You can also add an extra $2 for wax.

    It was a good car wash for a drive thru. And there's also free vacuum stations which I looooooove. Because the have super strong suction hoses and its FREE to use! And my $12 package also included an employee coming out to my car and dressing and making my tires shiny! Woohoo!

    Check in on Yelp after 6pm and get a free wax with your car wash!

    Great place for quick car washes! I looooooove this place!

    thumb Thuong T.

      I seriously LOVE this car wash! Since they opened, I always have the best service with the friendliest smiles. The prices are great, too!! It's always clean and it's so spacious. Just now, as we parked to vacuum, I was so humbled by the employee (I wish I got his name, but he was an older gentleman) greeting us and saying, "thank you for visiting us today" so genuinely. I'm so glad I live nearby this car wash. Can't wait to come back!

    thumb Viyada K.

      1.More water than soap applied to your vehicle. 2. no service people at the end to wipe you car down. 3. no shade, I feel bad for the employees as sun rays are cancerous, this might of been the biggest reason why i stopped my membership, one suggestion would be to get solar panels all over the car parkings to provide shade and to help the business with electricity.Other that the customer service is superb I'll give them that. I have discovered another car wash that has way more things for 4 more dollars a month it's called washman which is way further but more worth it.

    thumb Gund N.
  •   This car wash is da bomb diggity! I will never go to another car wash again I love this place and I love the employees especially Rudy he was so sweet and kind and so professional he deserves a raise a bonus and a gift card like I said on the message no shout outs of his name Rudy, just do the right thing pony express carwash!
    This day and age when you get good customer service you reward them I'll see you in a week bye!

    thumb Jill T.

      Pony Express car wash franchises are the best drive-thru wash & deal in town. $12 for the deluxe wash, plus they always give you a $2 off coupon /air freshener for you next visit, meaning you get the best wash for only $10 the next time you visit. All wash equipment is new and state of the art.  Honestly, I've never had a car better wash at a drive-thru.

    For the $12 wash ($10 w/ return coupon) they also hand-dress your tires.  The wash equipment is so thorough, the brake dust is (for the most part) on your wheels is completely removed, except for nooks & crannies, if you kept your wheels relatively maintined.

    Vacuums are free of charge and work great.  And no, they "don't do windows"...that's your job. 😉

    Highly recommended, both for price and quality!

    thumb David R.

      This is a great car wash, my new favorite in the area. Nice location (although I can see how it's confusing to get into if you aren't too local). I do think this place is cursed because every single time I get my car washed, it rains the next day Thanks car wash (i know it's not your fault but still). Prices are cheap, they're always friendly and it's never too busy!

    thumb Heather H.