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Clean, Dry, and Shiny – with a Friendly Smile!

We, at Pony Express, are family friendly and committed to delivering a fast, reliable, convenient and high-quality carwash at an incredible price point – each and every time you visit us, and always with a friendly smile.



Express Car Wash Service

Quality & Consistency

Our experienced associates use cutting-edge wash equipment and environmentally friendly soaps & waxes to wash your car so that it is clean, dry and shiny every time!



Who wants a great deal? Everyone! Amazing washes start at only $6.00. Plus, we use of our incredibly powerful vacuums – FREE with every wash package.



We know you have a busy schedule. That’s why our two convenient locations will make getting in and out in a clean, dry & shiny car incredibly easy.



The Pony Express Difference

Pony Express Car Wash is the first and only car wash in San Diego County to use an amazing dual belt conveyor technology, which allows us to whisk you and your car safely through our tunnel in approximately five minutes or less. This incredible technology allows us to safely and effectively wash any size car: from a lowered Mustang to a 4×4 truck.


Client Testimonials

  •   What can I say, gets the job done fast and very convenient.   I just wanted a quick wash and vacuum my car in a hurry.  I didn't want to spend time at a car retailer which can be quite expensive and long especially on the weekends.  I was trying to find an express wash that are usually at gas stations and can you believe that I was having a hard time finding them!  When I was in DC they were a dime a dozen but it seems like here in Cali they are mostly car wash detailers.

    The price is very reasonable and the service is exactly what I wanted.  I was able to get my rims cleaned, vacuumed (self serve) and get the top tier wash all for only 12 bucks.  They do also give you a car air freshner too which was nice.

    Overall, I like getting my car detailed but when I'm in a rush and don't have the time for it, I'll be coming back here.

    thumb NitsujyN W.

      Great find in Da Hood!
    The facilities are very nice, clean, and modern. The employees seem genuinely happy to be there and greet you with care.
    The drive-through car wash works great.
    Best part: Free vacuums, that work awesome!
    I will definitely be returning to this place.

    thumb Scott B.

      A newer drive-thru car wash down the road, with self-service vacuums where you can "suck" to your heart's content with no apparent time limit! Well, actually it does say a 5 minute limit when busy. Funny, they've never been busy when I'm here.. so I'll take 15-20 min to vacuum it detail-like. And what do you know, never been yelled at. I like this. They don't expect tips like other places, which I don't hesitate giving anyways if they deserve it.

    Just one thing they seem to always do and it is somewhat irritating, is they put the tire dressing on your wheels while they are still wet. So, this dries out quicker and then appears like you have no shine after a day or so. If the tire is dry first, then it'll stick better and last. I've actually told one of the guys and he said he would mention it to others. Hope so, right? I do have Armor All at home but I was trying to save a step ok?

    Coupons come to us periodically but they still offer wash upgrades if you save the scented freshener thingy that they give you. It has a tear-off coupon for this. It's a decent wash overall for under $10 normally and I definitely like coming here regularly.

    thumb Rich M.
  •   After driving 8 hours to SD, my car had a lot of bugs on it and the wash machine barely took them off the hood but that's to be expected from a machine wash.  

    I also got this hot wax thing that is an extra $2, it left pink colored water spot on my white car. Everything came out to $14. Bring a towel because the car is still wet after the dryer. I liked the free vacuum and coupon! Overall good experience because I didn't mind doing the labor to have my car fully cleaned and I happened to have a towel in my trunk to wipe off pink wax running down and extra dirt that was there.

    thumb Thao T.

      Very convenient location. Prices are very reasonable. I'm always satisfied with my wash, and the vaccuums do a good job as well. Staff has always been friendly, which I appreciate!

    thumb Rita P.

      A person who works there posed as a manager and told me I couldn't use military discount...

    thumb LaVon E.