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“As a long-time San Diego resident, our family could not find a car wash that offered a convenient quality wash, value pricing, reliability and consistency and all delivered by a team of friendly and courteous professionals. So…Pony Express Car Wash was created to fill this huge void in the car wash market.”

Our Mission

Pony Express Car Wash prides itself on providing every customer with an amazing car wash in approximately five minutes or less and at a value-driven price point.  Pony Express uses state of the art car wash equipment combined with biodegradable and environmentally friendly products resulting in a quality car wash every time – safe for your car and the environment, too.  Pony Express Car Wash also utilizes hi-tech reclaim and water recycling technology, which allows us to use a fraction of the water used when washing your car at home.

Accomplish Both…Clean Cars & Clean Planet

Pony Express Car Wash has voluntarily reduced its dependence on the ever-sensitive public water supply system by investing in an on-site and state of the art water reclaim and recycling system. Our reclaim and recycling system reduces our fresh water consumption to approximately eight to twelve gallons per car as compared to approximately 150 gallons of fresh water consumed when washing a car at a residence. We also use environmentally friendly soaps and waxes that are biodegradable and non-corrosive. Plus, to help keep our streams, rivers and oceans clean and beautiful…our wash water never goes down the storm drain.

Did You Know?

A person washing a car in their driveway typically uses up to 150 gallons of fresh water. That enormous amount of water mixes with harmful soaps that enter the storm drains and lead directly to our streams, rivers, and oceans. Many communities have banned driveway car washing because of the phosphates and other harmful soaps and chemicals that go into our fresh water systems, not just because of the wasted water.